Sushi Wildlands Manga Launch

Sushi Wildlands is a PC game that is being developed and part of their marketing strategy is to launch a manga, an illustrated Japanese-style comic book. The book launch was originally scheduled for the Taipei Games Show, however, since the event was cancelled a virtual launch was the alternative.

SkyStage engaged all the fans of the game via Discord and led them to a microsite in which the developers would do a launch video as well as have a one-hour long developer QnA session. Part of the strategy was to have participants attend before they were given the special link to access the manga.

This proved to be a hit, the organizers managed to push out their core message as well as engage the audience meaningfully. An interesting aside is that by producing the comic book as a virtual copy, the company saved on physical publishing costs.

Sushi Wildlands

  • ClientSushi Wildlands
  • Start Date7 April 2020